Dydo Malaysia

Digital customer contact development using Instagram marketing called “visumo”

Project Overview

Client :  Dydo Malaysia

Service Category : Digital marketing support: Digital customer contact development using Instagram marketing called “visumo” 

Project Background

Beverage manufacturer Dydo Malaysia operates their website with general contents including their product information and unilaterally communicated information to general users. Dydo Malaysia had problems of communicating with end users who purchase their products, to improve customer satisfaction, in fact, “who” are their end users in the first place. 

On the other hand, when investigating on Instagram, many Dydo Malaysia-like products were posted along with user feedbacks. In Asian countries, Instagram is searched and used as an information source for various products. With an implementation of Instagram tool “visumo”, the tool that becomes a general contact platform with consumers, they managed to collect the real consumers’ voices and reviews about the products which could help for new product development and marketing strategies.

What is visumo?

visumo is an Instagram marketing tool which searches and collects the specified keywords from Instagram hashtags and associates them with the company's product detail page. The selected images can be used as visual content on the website, and the visualized content serves to boost the website itself as a real voice of general consumers without advertising elements, while at the same time improving the appeal of products. In addition, since it can be used as a communication tool, it can be expected that the real voice of consumers demanded by many companies will be converted into data and linked to product development. By actively using visumo, you can expect to educate the normal users to be an influencer of your company while trying to communicate with existing customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers.

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visumo : Instagram marketing tool