Digital Marketing Support

We support your digital marketing from strategy planning to development of digital platform.

Service Overview

In Southeast Asia, the average consumption time for PC and smartphone exceeded twice the TV’s consumption time.

In the world where the Internet is infiltrated as a lifestyle infrastructure like now, how to utilize digital is greatly related to the success of business and marketing.

We are supporting digital marketing widely from any phase such as strategy planning, digital platform development and maintenance, etc.

Our Digital Marketing Support Services

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

We identify the scope that digital marketing can contribute to achieve your business goals and clarify both the purpose and goal of digital marketing. Furthermore, we capture various digital contact points with customers comprehensively such as corporate site, EC site, member site, mobile application, SNS, email, online advertisement, etc to create a story (customer journey map). Based on this story, we plan actual digital marketing method.

(Contents of Strategy)

  • Role and goal of digital marketing
  • Story (customer journey map)
  • Digital marketing method, target group, KPI
  • Effectiveness measurement method

Development of digital contact points

Digital contact points are the core of digital marketing. We develop them by taking advantage of the know-how gained through extensive experience in the field, while also considering operation, maintenance and effectiveness measurements after developments.

We also support operation phases such as content updates, server maintenance work, etc.

(Platform that can be supported)

  • Brand / Corporate site
  • Campaign site
  • Member site / Loyalty program
  • Warranty site
  • Mobile application

Social Media Operation Support

Social media (SNS) such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is one of important communication method connecting your company and customers.

However, if you blindly post many contents or post only your products and promotional information, you will be shunned away from customers, which may cause adverse effects such as brand damage.

Our experienced team support your SNS operations widely to meet your business objective.


  • Create a strategic plan for social media utilization
  • Content production (writing, shooting, creative production, etc.)
  • Account management (Account creating / setting, content posting, monitoring, response to comments and messages, etc.)
  • Submission of reports

O2O Support

O2O stands for "Online to Offline" and is a business strategy to draw potential customers from online channels to visit physical stores. For instance, a restaurant distributes coupons via SNS, or an organizer of the exhibition provides a mobile application that allows visitors to enjoy the event more, these are O2O.

We support O2O as one-stop from planning to creating the mechanism and its operation.


  • O2O planning
    • O2O objectives and goals
    • O2O target customer group and O2O method
    • Effectiveness measurement method
  • Mechanism creation and its operation
    • Production and operation of platforms (websites, applications, etc.) that provide online contents / experiences to target customer group
    • Operation of user participatory platforms such as online contest, etc.

Digital Contents Creation

We create digital contents for digital marketing.

(Example of Digital Contents)

  • Product / brand promotion video clip
  • Contents for website such as blog articles
  • Contents for email (texts/ HTML)
  • Banners for online advertisement