Cannon Marketing Malaysia

Unified customer data scattered inside the company and build a loyalty program

Project Overview

Client : Canon Marketing Malaysia

Service Category : CRM Support

In order to utilize customer data for planning of sales strategy and campaign, existing customer data are unified and new loyalty program was developed to increase customer data.

Project background

Slower growth in number of registration for online warranty site

Canon Marketing Malaysia had previously operated a warranty site for product purchasers. By registering information on purchased items, the product warranty period extended. But the number of registration had been sluggish.

Unused customer data

In addition to warranty site’s data, there were various kinds of customer data such as campaign’s data, in-store data, etc. These data were scattered inside the company and they have been scarcely used.

Works and Results

Development of loyalty program "Your Life with Canon"

We were in charge of planning and development of a loyalty program "Your Life with Canon". By registering information on purchased items, members can enjoy exclusive benefits not only extended product warranty period but also special contents. Moreover, customer data that was scattered was also maintained and integrated into Your Life with Canon database. The number of member registration has increased steadily beyond our initial expectations. Currently we are supporting the maintenance of the system.

Realization of CRM

Previous communication method from brand to end users was limited, only mass-targeted way such as mass advertisements, posting contents on SNS, etc.

Your Life with Canon also equips a dashboard and an email system to analyze the customer data and to communicate with end users. By utilizing such functions, brand can easily run an effective CRM such as customer segmentation, send message to each segmented groups, etc


Your Life with Canon